Girl Loves Distortion formed in Washington, DC circa 2007 and was comprised of Jenn Fox-Thomas (Cry Baby Cry), Steve Rubin (The Circle Six, Jackie and the Treehorns), and Christopher Goett (Silo Halo, Blackout Transmission). Widely known for their spirited live performances, Girl Loves Distortion created music with "arresting beats and sonic resonance" via "unconventional song structures juxtaposed among flashes of catchy pop".

Girl Loves Distortion lived, breathed, and created within Washington DC, in a working-class community slowly turning more mixed income. While this socio-economic reality may not be uncommon with other DC bands, the neighborhood where they practiced and wrote music together seeps into the DNA of their discography and musical catalogue. As a result their songs are tinged with an urgency, edge, and point of view that deals with societal issues, diversity, and interpersonal relationships. This could very well be a recipe for pretense, but this trio knows how to temper weighty issues with savvy, sarcasm, and se;f-depreciation that disarm any heavy-handedness. 


Girl Loves Distortion live, breathe, and rock within Washington, DC. Shot live, Halloween Night 2008, on a Canon HV30 and Sony HC7.

Girl Loves Distortion was recorded live on July 31, 2008 at Fort Reno Park in Washington D.C.




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