Teething Veils is a band from Washington, DC, comprised of Hannah Burris (School) and Greg Svitil (Silo Halo, The Antiques). 

The band began in 2006, with Greg Svitil writing songs in a beige-carpeted second-story bedroom on Florida Avenue in Washington, DC. Its first live show was on November 25, 2006 at the Montgomery College Planetarium.  Following an impromptu performance in Dayton, Ohio, shows took place in such venues as Artomatic; WMUC’s Third Rail Radio; Radio CPR; and 611 Florida, at the storied house’s final show.  

From December 24, 2011 through July 28, 2012, Teething Veils recorded Velorio, its debut double LP, for Etxe Records and Productions.  Released on July 10, 2013, the bulk of Velorio’s 21 songs were recorded by a core band of long-time and first-time collaborators: Krys Baker (accordion, clarinet, flute, french horn, saxophone), Kevin Buckholdt (organ), Hannah Burris (viola), Christin Durham (voice), Craig Garrett (bass guitar), Nathan Jurgenson (drums and percussion), Alexia Kauffman (cello), and Greg Svitil (bass guitar, glockenspiel, guitar, melodica, organ, piano, voice), with additional contributions from Arthur Harrison (theremin), Christopher Goett (guitar), Jilly Hex (voice & lyrics), and The Veilettes- Hannah Burris, Christin Durham, Catherine Lewis (voices). Velorio’s melancholic tone was crafted through bittersweet 60s-inspired pop, off-kilter accordion waltzes, funeral organ dirges, extreme metal excursions, bare-bones acoustic ruminations, and lush orchestral elaborations alike.  

In January 2013, Teething Veils recorded Constellations, its second LP for Etxe. Released on November 11, 2014, Constellations is comprised of two 25-minute songs that mirror one another. Greg made these recordings with Nathan (drums) and former Alcian Blue, Space Tigers, and Torsion Fields member Sam Chintha (guitar), who also played drums and guitar as a touring and recording member of Greg’s former band The Antiques. Constellations maintains Velorio’s intensity while expanding on its musical palette. The title song reflects on a cold domestic space through an ambient metallic composition guided through multiple shifts in key and mood by carefully composed drums and largely improvised guitars. The album’s B-side echoes its companion piece, presenting an arrangement culled entirely from the A-side’s reel of tape played backwards and mixed to highlight other facets of the original piece.

In the summer of 2013, the band carried out a 17-date national tour, traversing 8,600 miles of the southern U.S., the west coast, and the midwest. Live performances through the second half of 2013 ran the gamut of arrangements, from the six-piece band that recorded the bulk of Velorio all the way back to the barren solo acoustic performances reminiscent of Teething Veils’ past. 2014 has seen the group evolve into a lush cello, viola, and acoustic guitar trio.

In December 2014, the band consisting of Krys Baker (accordion, flute), Hannah Burris (viola), Alejandro Castaño (piano, organ), Alexia Kauffman (cello), and Greg Svitil (guitar, voice) contributed a rendition of David Bowie's "Warszawa" as part of "68th Birth, A Tribute to David Bowie," a compilation released as a CD and a download by The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records on January 15, 2015.

An eight-piece Teething Veils recorded a new album, "Sea and Sun"; with engineers Kevin Erickson and Hugh McElroy, assisted by Kelsey Butterworth; which was released on May 22, 2017.  Teething Veils continues to make songs, a stone’s throw from where it was born.


Music by Teething Veils. Video by Zach Zimmerman and Michelle Morandotti of Ceramic Films.
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